Friday, March 8, 2013

Daniel Patterson's Grilled Beets with Dandelion-Potato Puree, New Olive Oil, Chicories and Raw Turnip

Chef Daniel Patterson has been described by Food and Wine magazine as one of the "world's best chefs." His restaurant, Coi, earned 2 Michelin stars and 4 stars from the SF Chronicle. As a restauranteur Daniel is behind Plum and Haven, both in Oakland. He is also an occasional contributor to New York Times Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine, and San Francisco Magazine. Somehow Daniel manages all of this work while still making time to shop with his two adorable kids at the Dirty Girl Produce stall at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Saturdays. And not only that -- he took time to write a recipe for this blog using our beets, dandelion, and turnips. Thank you, Daniel!

For the dandelion-potato puree, cook 1 bunch of dandelion greens in salted water until tender, then drain and rinse under cold water to cool. Squeeze all the water out and coarsely chop. Peel and quarter one medium size yukon or carola potato, simmer in salted water until tender, and cool. Blend the dandelion greens and potato with lemon juice, pure olive oil and a splash of vegetable stock or water to make a smooth, green puree. It should be bright and balanced, but not acidic. Season with salt. One bunch of greens makes enough for at least 10 servings.

Cook one medium beet per person in salted water until tender, cool and peel. Cut in half, or in big shapes, season with pure olive oil, salt and pepper, and grill over charcoal or wood until charred/smoky and delicious. Cut in chunks.

To serve, spoon some dandelion-potato puree on the plate. Put grilled beets on top, and then drizzle with just-pressed green olive oil (we use mcevoy; sylverleaf is great as well). Toss some chicories cut in small pieces with aged red wine vinegar and new olive oil. Sprinkle over the beets, and add some pieces of raw, shaved tokyo turnip.

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